2022 / 13th Edition
from July 16
to August 20
Puplinge Classique Lyre
2022 / 13th Edition
Music Festival
from July 16
to August 20


The pianist François-Xavier Poizat has the idea of creating a festival in the village where he grew up. He’s joined by the clarinetist Damien Bachmann and they found, at 20, the Puplinge Classique Association. The two friends, accompanied by the cellist Nadège Rochat, give the first concert as a trio, opening the first season with 4 evenings. They are maximum three musicians on stage at each concert.


Clap of thunder! Almost 400 people hurry up at the opening concert with the pianistic duo Poizat & Schwizgebel. They introduce a second season including 8 concerts with notably the French Swiss Youth Orchestra and the Sine Nomine Quartet. These musicians will return each year until 2017, always alongside brilliant soloists.


The Festival calmy hatches, with this time 11 concerts and a noticeable programmatic internationalization. Artists coming from Russia, Israel or South Korea shine during this event, alongside musicians like the Aviv Quartet or the pianist François Dumont.


The 14 concerts of the 2013 season include the first professional orchestra: the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, which will play again annually at the next 4 seasons. The Terpsycordes Quartet and the violinist Andrey Baranov play as well for the first time, whereas a created ensemble under the baton of Philippe Béran performs Stravinsky’s “L’Histoire du Soldat”.


An intense summer, with no less than 18 concerts, including one big gala at the Victoria Hall where more than 1000 people gives a standing ovation after a 4 pianos and orchestra event. This evening celebrates the 5 years anniversary of the Festival, that signs its entry in the big league. It is during this banner year that the Festival really finds its identity and takes root in the Genevan cultural life.


This season finds the ideal formula: 12 concerts, half of it paying and the other half free. The audience average doubles in comparison with former editions. The flutist Sébastian Jacot, the violinist Tedi Papavrami or the pianist Anna Vinnitskaya are part of this season. Jazz is also making an appearance with the singer Pascal Chenu or the pianist Moncef Genoud.


A wonderful season with newcomers like the Berliner Camerata, the narrator Alain Carré, the violinists Svetlin Roussev and Alissa Margulis, the cellists Alexander Buzlov and Lionel Cottet…


The famous philosopher Michel Onfray accepts to be the Honorary President of this 8th season, consequently inspiring the artistic directors to offer concerts that invites to a certain reflection alongside the music. A serie of experimental concerts called “Klangwerkstatt” is founded: the Festival opts for audacity and creativity.


The Camerata du Léman, the Pan flutist Michel Tirabosco, the narrator Leili Anvar, the Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Europe, the Casal and Louvigny Quartet are the new faces of a prestigious program upon which stands its magnificent 9th season. The 100th concert of the Festival happens during its season, and the next one will celebrate with great pomp the 10 years of this musical and human adventure.


After the traditional 12 concerts in Puplinge, the 10 years gala at Victoria Hall brings together the Geneva Chamber Orchestra and no less than 17 world class soloists, playing works by 4 living and present composers! This historic concert is broadcast on 5 television channels and on radios around the world


Survivor edition of the Covid, with among the very first masked concerts in the world, the Festival held firm by organizing the usual 12 concerts in record time (the demonstration authorization having been decreed only three months before). With a scent of gratitude brought by many artists to find themselves on stage after months of forced stoppage and a very enthusiastic audience, this edition took place in a magical atmosphere.


Despite a general slowdown in the events sector due to the pandemic, the Festival has nevertheless continued to grow by organizing not 12 but 16 concerts in the summer of 2021! 131 musicians with big names such as the pianist François-Frédéric Guy or the Quatuor Belcea came to illuminate the town with their talent and made this edition memorable. Crowned by the honorary presidency of the novelist Amélie Nothomb, the Festival continues to grow!